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Fortnite Reveals Marshmello Event Numbers

Fortnite developer Epic Games has officially unveiled the numbers from their Marshmello branded concert event that dominated Twitch streams earlier this year.

According to The Verge, who cited Epic Games, 10.7 million people attended the Marshmello in-game concert, which topped the previous largest in-game event that took place back in November when the mysterious purple cube was destroyed.

It’s no secret that musicians have been finding cross-over success with either appearing on, or engaging in their own Twitch channels, and leveraging Fortnite’s, and Twitch‘s, overwhelming popularity seems to have been a brilliant idea.

It will be interesting to see how more EDM musicians proceed with both gaming and streaming moving forward, as there are plenty of opportunities to work with Twitch, Trovo streams, and a number of sub-sections of the streaming community.

Also, this could lead to more cross-over for EDM artists and Esports, perhaps some sort of partnership deals with Esports teams, or with national and/or global Esports organizations.

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