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First Look – Halo 3 multiplayer

After a week’s delay due to illness, I finally got into the Halo 3 Beta. Some impressions and helpful tips:

  • It’s been stated elsewhere, but it’s worth repeating: Halo 3 is not much different from Halo 2 in terms of basic gameplay and the graphics aren’t antialiased yet
  • Start with unranked games while you get to know the maps and quirks of the new system; that way there’s no pressure
  • If you want to get points and improve your rank beyond green recruit, you will need to play ranked games
  • You can play Slayer if you don’t like team games. Slayer with Rockets (if you’re lucky enough to get it) is awesome – just be prepared to reload every two shots
  • If you’re tired of Slayer on High Ground for the fifth time in a row (since there are no custom games, just whatever the servers in Redmond kick out at random), feel free to veto – and ask your lobbymates to do the same
  • Use LB to cycle through your grenades, dual wield when stepping over a duplicate eligible weapon, or tap to reload the left weapon when dual wielding Use RB to pick up weapons, enter vehicles, activate buttons or tap to reload your right-handed weapon
  • The X button activates new items such as the Trip Mine, Bubble Shield, Grav Lift and Power Drain
  • Hit the D-Pad to talk while in a match – most people don’t know this, which explains why there isn’t much trash talking in the beta
  • Don’t forget you can grab the turret minigun (press B) to take it with you – for as long as the ammo holds out
  • The Spartan Laser gives off a tellrale red glow to those being targeted while it charges, so you might want to aim near your target and switch your aim once it’s fully charged for a lethal surprise attack
  • Watch our for enemies camping near the good weapons; they may even lay one down in the open and then pick you off when you head for the bait
  • Don’t forget to melee (B button) in close quarters – your enemy won’t

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